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From swing to unbridled electro, from a funky rhythmic or hiphop to a flying dubstep, just one goal : to federate people in dance with timeless and addictive music that will bring together all generations! They passed the bet to make coexist the time of big bands and that of computers, melodies as Duke Ellington did and the sounds of Daft Punk.

They are five or six on stage, free and uninhibited, creating a boundless universe, to nourish our imagination and perpetuate the codes of a musical freedom in this urban jungle. English and French lyrics (sung or performed by a duo like Bonnie and Clyde, accompanied by a fiery saxophonist and a jumping pianist player), mashups made of a multi instrumentalist's samples and the low synths, totally consume us.

The success of the album, but also of the shows, encouraged them to go on their momentum and they made remarkable passages on huge festivals. They emerged as one of the flagship groups of the European Electroswing scene with 300 dates in 6 years all over Europe, from Prague to London and from Rome to Berlin!

They’re coming to offer you an unique and hot show made to set fire! LMZG, full of energy, shows its full wingspan in concert. More than an hour of groove to let go, sweat, forget who we are. It’s the bestial and wild side that LMZG deploys on stage!

The curtain raised, lights turned on... The group mixes the universality of the swing with the beats & bass of a powerful and heavy electro. LMZG (previously called in french “Lamuzgueule”) is landing and gonna makes you taste the fantasies of a musical time travel.

Artwork​, from iceberg club album by ​Alexandr Pamikov​.

Romain Deschamps
06 72 74 70 88

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